| Sync your data fast and securely | Sync your data fast and securely

Protect your privacy with highest data security and our zero knowledge promise:

Enjoy sharing more than ever: Choose your server freely, work together on documents and keep track of any changes.


Award-winning security

TeamDrive protects your data and only you decide who can access it. Its technology provides an unparalleled 256 bit end to end encryption. That’s why we got the Data Protection Seal of Privacy of the ULD.


Easy synchronization

Keep your data synchronized between various devices just like that, even when you’re offline. And sharing music, pics and documents is a piece of cake.


Convenient backup

If you lose your computer, or it breaks down you can restore your data easily: TeamDrive always saves an encrypted back-up copy.


Cloud or on-premise

You can use the TeamDrive cloud so we take care of everything, or you can use your own server, or both in parallel. Your choice.


Great collaboration

Create teams and work together on documents online and offline. TeamDrive records all changes to your files, so nothing gets lost.


For you and me and companies

Find out which TeamDrive suits your needs: There is a free, a personal and a professional version for businesses.

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Enjoy knowing your data is safe – with our “zero-knowledge” privacy

It’s your data, it’s your privacy and we will protect it. TeamDrive encrypts your files on your device before they are uploaded, using the extremely tough AES-256 algorithm. Zero-knowledge privacy means the service provider never knows any contents nor whom you are collaborating with.. There is no way the NSA, Amazon or others can decrypt your data because the keys are exclusively stored on your computer. You do not have to worry about it: TeamDrive is HIPAA compliant and safeguards your data automatically.

Share your files with friends, colleagues and yourself

You’ll be amazed just how easy it is to sync your data on various devices, share pictures and movies with your family, presentations with your team, or music with your friends. Just select any folder, send an invitation to another device, and TeamDrive keeps the folder updated in both places. It’s a breeze – and it even works when you’re offline.


Decide for yourself where your data is stored

It’s up to you: you can either use the TeamDrive cloud that offers maximum security or your own server to store and share your data; you can even combine the two options. You could even use an external hard-drive or your computer as your TeamDrive server.

You have nothing to lose

Your files, documents and pictures are important to you, that’s why you want to keep, share and synchronize them. An encrypted back-up copy of all of your data is saved on one of TeamDrive’s servers. If you lose your computer or it breaks down, you can restore your data easily. Plus, if you delete a file or folder by accident, you can recover it from our TeamDrive recycle bin. This way nothing gets lost.


Simply work together with your team

Build your team by inserting the e-mail addresses of the members you want to collaborate. Everyone can work on the same document – even offline. All changes to documents or files are recorded, so that you can always return to an earlier version. You’ll also like the convenient management of access rights, because it makes working together so much easier.


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