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TeamDrive secures access to its WebClient with VASCO’s DIGIPASS

TeamDrive’s new WebClient makes it possible to share, view and access data sercurely via an HTML browser client with out the need of a local TeamDrive Client installation. Lawyers, doctors, R&D researchers, business owners and many more workers in different sectors make use of this technology to exchange their information and overcome the
issue where people lose track in the huge number of different files and versions when working on the same document.

Protect your assets

The data stored and worked on in those documents is business-critical and sensitive, so it goes without saying that it may not fall into the wrong hands. “Cybercrime is everywhere, and everyone is fully conscious and apprehensive of its possible consequences. We received more and more requests from our customers to enhance our product with an extra layer of security,” explains Detlef Schmuck, COO at TeamDrive. “Ease of use has always been an important point of interest for us, but the factor security has become imperative as well. Browser access is easy, but it is too insecure. We started investigating the possibilities for adding strong authentication to our web portal.”


TeamDrive examined different vendors for a two-factor authentication solution, and ultimately choose VASCO’s DIGIPASS. “VASCO has established a solid track record for many years in the security space. More than half of the top 100 banks worldwide rely on the company’s products, so we were sure that VASCO could offer us the security that we needed,” Mr. Schmuck continues. “Moreover, VASCO was already the number 1 choice of some of our customers.” DIGIPASS for Mobile and the hardware DIGIPASS GO series are integrated in TeamDrive’s web platform to provide secure access. The one-time passwords generated by the DIGIPASS devices cannot be reused, since they become invalid after a short period of time.

First Customer installation

Eppendorf, a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid-, sample-, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide, is one of TeamDrive’s customers that successfully uses VASCO’s strong authentication technology. “Because of the sensitiveness of our data, we were a driving force to get two-factor authentication integrated in the TeamDrive platform,” says Michael Fehse, Vice President at Eppendorf. “The web portal provided a good user experience, but it opened a risk that we did not want to accept, so we believed two-factor authentication was required.” “We are happy to see that the integration went really well,” says Mr. Schmuck, COO of TeamDrive. “The technical team from VASCO did an outstanding job. They guided us through the whole integration process and their support was excellent.” Eppendorf required the extra layer of security, confirms Mr. Fehse. “The technology feels very familiar to our workforce, since we also use VASCO for other solutions besides TeamDrive.

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