TeamDrive OpenOffice Plugin
In order to facilitate collaboration on documents using OpenOffice or LibreOffice, we have developed the TeamDrive OpenOffice plug-in.

The plug-in gives the modules Writer, Calc and Impress direct access to all of the files and the versions of them saved in TeamDrive. The TeamDrive OpenOffice plug-in increases transparency in OpenOffice, irrespective of whether you are working alone on your own documents or in a team. With the aid of the plug-in you have direct access to all of the earlier versions of a document and in the Writer application you can compare the status of versions automatically. In addition, you will see all of the comments on each version.

The TeamDrive OpenOffice plug-in is free of charge.



In the TeamDrive plug-in, useful metadata on individual files and versions are available. The user can see who made which changes to the files and when. In addition, comments on individual versions are displayed. In OpenOffice Writer individual versions can also be compared.

  • Open documents
  • Maintain an overview of all TeamDrive spaces
  • Track changes
  • Compare versions


System Requirements:

OpenOffice Version 3.1 or above
TeamDrive Version 2.2 up to 2.4 (Version 3 currently not supported)

Wahlweise eines der folgenden Betriebssysteme:
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Mac OSX ab 10.5.3