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TeamDrive Use Cases

TeamDrive Solves Key Market Pain Points for Secure Document Sync & Share


Cross organization collaboration – Organizations have the need to share content and collaborate with people in dispersed locations or outside their organization in a secure manner.

Fulfilling regulatory requirements while remaining agile – HIPAA, European Data Protection Act, Payment Card Industry Standards, etc. The cloud is still a security problem for many organizations, especially those with sensitive data and workloads or highly regulated environments.

More than 40% of employees use Sync & Share services to share files inside and outside of their company. Many of those users do this even though it is against Company securityrules and could present a potential massive security breach.

Less control Organizations face greater risks of losing sensitive data and intellectual property, leading to liability or loss of reputation.

User management issues – Frequent problems integrating with LDAP and Active Directories for authentication, group policies, and centralized management tools that allow administrators to manage synchronization and control the content, access rights, and user activity.

BYOD – Mobile access With 500M+ smartphones in the market, organizations planning BYOD initiatives are faced with the problem of including sync & share requirements in conjunction with mobile device management.

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