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TeamDrive Agent

The TeamDrive Agent is a TeamDrive client designed with Windows and Linux in mind. With the help of the TeamDrive Agent, folder contents of a server can be downloaded on invited desktop, laptop or mobile devices. TeamDrive clients can, of course, also sync their data with the server the TeamDrive Agent is installed on. For some users the TeamDrive Agent will also be used for server consolidation.

On Windows servers the TeamDrive Agent runs as a service. Although Linux servers do not have a graphical user interface the TeamDrive Agent still allows data to be synced to the server. The Agent can be administered using a web browser. On Windows servers a normal Windows TeamDrive client can also be used. In addition, the TeamDrive Agent is reachable via an open API. The API allows for the easy and secure transfer of data between the server and external systems. Additional advantages:

– Windows Terminal Server support
– Support for Windows network shares
– Automation and connectivity to 3rd party systems such as CRM, document management systems, etc.
– Administration via a web browser
– Support of NAS systems with Linux (Intel) – Open API