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New in TeamDrive 4.5: Desaster Recovery from the cloud

Also available is the WebClient (Beta) program.

All new features!

Roll Your Space Back to an Earlier Time

Our new Point in Time Recovery (PiTR) feature allows you to roll your entire Space back to an earlier time; the perfect remedy for e.g. systems attacked by ransomeware or recovering files inadvertently deleted from the server. As long as a corresponding server snapshot is available, a Space can be rolled back to a specific time. To roll a Space back a professional license and administrator rights in the Space are required. However, regardless of license type, server snapshots for all users are automatically created, remain on the server for 30 days and can be disabled by Space administrators.

An even more simplified user interface with fewer clicks

Available menu items can now be seen on desktop installations by simply hovering the mouse over the Space, folder or file. Selected menu items now remain with one click. No need to reselect the same menu item for different Spaces, folders or files.

Avoid conflicts - Soft-lock your files

The soft-lock feature is a built-in notification system, which automatically notifies other Space members that a file is currently in use. This feature is available for all TeamDrive Spaces hosted on our servers.

Protect published files with a password and an expiration date

TeamDrive lessens your workload even more without sacrificing security. Password protect published files and add an expiration date to them as well. Passwords an expiration dates can be configured via the file system or client. This feature is available for all TeamDrive Spaces hosted on our servers and on TeamDrive Enterprise Hosting servers.

Always remain informed with our revamped activities panel and notification system

The new activities panel and notification system keeps you informed about everything going on in your Spaces. View notifications as pop up messages or have them sent directly to you via email.

Work faster and more efficiently

TeamDrive 4’s new and improved data transfer protocol helps files sync faster to further enhance your productivity.

Comments – Organize you workflows the easy way

The comments function allows you to seamlessly organize your workflows and makes working in groups that much more efficient and transparent. Comments can be left on Spaces and files. With the new notification system, newly added comments can also appear as a pop-up message.

Important information for Mac OS X Sierra users

Included with the update to OS X 10.12 Sierra is the option to use iCloud on your machine. We advise all TeamDrive users to move all of their TeamDrive data from the “Documents” folder to another location before activating iCloud. Due to the fact that iCloud syncs all data stored in the “Documents” folder, it is possible that files will be locally deleted once they have been uploaded to iCloud. TeamDrive Version 4.3 includes a “Restore default Space location” feature, which was specifically designed to help OS X Sierra users move all of their TeamDrive data in one click. As of version 4.3, all new TeamDrive installations on OS X will have a different default Spaces location than the previous User/Documents/Spaces location.

TeamDrive – First Steps

We created a “First Steps” video to give new TeamDrive users a head start at using one of the most simple and secure sync and share tools currently on the market.